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Burnt Oak
Mixed Tenure Accommodation

Excelsior Developments Ltd with Genesis Housing Association

London Borough of Brent
Summary of Project:

The combination of 2 separate sites already with planning approvals to provide one new coherent design giving a mix of Private and Social Accommodation over ground floor commercial units for 2 major residential developers.

Both sites had already received planning approvals for their respective owners. The Local Authority were keen to have a landmark building on the site and encouraged both developers to provide a combined scheme.

Efficiencies in scale were possible, and we were appointed to undertake complete design reviews of massing, scale and layouts.

Issues pertinent to this site were Sight-Lines with the existing houses to the west of the site, Amenity space for all occupants (resulting in private gardens and balconies in the scheme) and parking for residents, commercial tenants and deliveries.

Through several iterations and Local Authority pre-planning negotiations, a revised successful design was produced that maximised the accommodation on the PTAL rating and, working closely with the project manager, gave the joint developers a scheme that worked to market values.

Our design procedures included solar studies, to confirm the affect on adjoining properties, consultations with the Museum of London Archaeology Department, and ecological studies.


Project Team:

ArchitectsBree Day Ltd
Project ManagementPJK Consulting