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Urban Design

Urban design : The collaborative process of shaping the setting for life in cities, towns and villages.

“High standards of urban design help to make places socially, economically, and environmentally successful.”  (Urban Design Group 2002)

By following the principles of eco-urbanism we aim to produce, through collaboration, sustainable built environments which are balanced and harmonious.

Projects include : public realm improvements and strategies, site regeneration through development, spatial planning for mixed residential projects.


Foxdown, Overton

The scheme is for a mixed tenure housing development with a range of sizes of houses and flats totalling 75 homes on a 2.4 Ha site area.

The scheme seeks to integrate the individual home within a clear urban design spatial framework by means of terraces and linked houses.

A new semi circular public space was created accessed by a pedestrian route linking to the existing housing area to the north and the rail station beyond.

The space provides a community focus for the scheme and has southerly views over the surrounding landscape.



Watford Springs

A sustainable, mixed residential development on the site of an old municipal swimming pool.

The site was surrounded by a number of unrelated movement routes providing access to a primary school, borough museum, railway station and public open space.

New routes were established to link new key activities with the existing movement framework beyond the site.

An integrated movement approach allows pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists to share the same space, and high quality landscaping, paving, street furniture and lighting are used to clearly delineate the public realm and private space.




West Molesey

A brownfield site previously occupied by a primary school building and playing field.

This project brings the architecture, urban design and landscape design together to respond to the existing ecology of the locality with this new intervention which is seen as an opportunity to strengthen and work with the existing natural systems in and around the site.

The site is bounded by an existing suburban residential area. The urban design seeks to link the movement pattern and public open space configuration to the wider area to encourage integration of the new community.

Within the site, a high quality permeable public realm is proposed with a clearly defined spatial hierarchy; a community facility is located at the “crossroads” in the centre of the scheme to provide a social focus.

The public realm is to be owned and namaged by the residents.


Wimbledon Chase

On behalf of Wimbledon Civic Forum, a consultation framework to revitalize ‘The Chase’; a neglected stretch of urban highway, was presented for discussion to local residents in March 2009.

"Wimbledon Civic Forum believes that The Chase could fairly easily be transformed from its present unlovely state into an attractive leafy area, to the benefit of businesses and residents alike. “ Ian Smith, Wimbledon Civic Forum.

The proposal included improvements to;

  • Hard Landscaping
  • Trees and Planters
  • Street Furniture
  • Retail Outlet Signage
  • Advertising
  • Street Art
  • Enclosure, etc.

With the approval of the residents these proposals were put forward to the local borough council and are now being implemented.

Wimbledon Theatre

Improvements to the public realm which was a wide road junction with safety issues for large numbers of theatre goers leaving the building.

The proposal was for the creation of a new pedestrian piazza with restricted vehicle access and involved new hard landscaping, street furniiture and lighting.





Lille, Nord, France

Strategic Regeneration proposals for a large redundant railway goods yard located south-east of the city centre.

Spatial strategy, morphology, massing, movement, land use and landscape were all considered before proposals were brought forward.

Great Yarmouth

An analysis of the history and structure of the existing town centre area with particular regard to its relationship to the sea-front.

Proposals were made for public realm improvements to the sea-front and new links were suggested with the town centre.