Town Centre Regeneration



Linden Homes (Chiltern)

A sustainable, mixed residential development on the site of an old municipal swimming pool. The site was surrounded by a number of unrelated movement routes. There was a primary school, borough museum, railway station and public open space all present beyond the perimeter boundaries.

New routes were established linking the key activities and the existing movement framework beyond the site. An integrated approach allows pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists to share the same space, and high quality landscaping, paving, street furniture and lighting are used to clearly define public and private areas.

The public realm and spatial configuration were designed to encourage residents to linger and interact. A new public square formed the focus for the design located at the intersection of routes to and from the primary school and town centre, a local shop and café is located on the square.

It was proposed to improve the setting of the museum building by creating an external activity space at its rear which would be defined by the configuration of a new community facility, the space would be used for outside seating, external exhibitions and performances etc.

The ground levels of the site rise in a northerly direction and building heights increase with the slope offering optimum passive solar benefit for the south facing roof pitches. Carbon reduction is achieved through highly insulated building envelopes, solar collectors, and by the use of a district bio-mass combined heat and power unit with ring main distribution.

The buildings are constructed in prefabricated timber frame with cedar cladding and render finish.

Project Team

Bree Day Ltd
Structural Engineers
M&E Consultants
Interior Design
Party Wall Surveyor
Mech. Consultants
A/V Installation
Landscape & Environmental Consultant
Highways & Structural Engineer
Project Managers
IT Consultant
Quantity Surveyor
Integer Architects
Eco Consultants
Landscape Consultant
Project Management